According to the Charter of the Ukrainian Professional Association for Protection of Investors, Creditors and Insurants, registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, and to the internal provisions of the Association, natural persons, both residents and non-residents of Ukraine can be UPAPICI members.

According the form of participation in the activities of the Association there are 3 categories of participants:

  • Full members – this category of participants has the most complete rights of members of Association, including right to take part in election of governing bodies of the Association and of Heads of dedicated committees.
  • Associated members – this category includes such members as:
    A) Participants interested in joint works with Association on the specialized issues, connected with execution of their relevant functions. In view of restricted interest to the activity of Association and temporary stay as members, such persons are not interested to take part in administration of UPAPICI.
    B) Participants whose full membership in the Association can bear conflict of interests in regard of protection of investors, creditors and insurers. For example, executives of banks, insurance companies, asset management companies, collection companies etc.
  • Honorary members – this form of participation presumes that the members have merits recognized by the Board of UPAPICI, in the development of financial market of Ukraine and of its infrastructure, and also in strengthening international ties and multivector integration of economy of Ukraine. Among honorary members of UPAPICI there can be civil servants, natural persons-non-residents of Ukraine, whose range of functions embraces protection of investors, creditors and insurers.

To become a member of our Association, the candidate has to provide for the consideration of the Board the following package of documents:

  • Written recommendation from at least two full members of UPAPICI
  • The application of the candidate stating his desire to become member,participant of UPAPICI
  • Inquiry form of the candidate
  • Brief curriculum vitae
  • Copy of identity confirming documents

Legal persons interested in the cooperation with the Association, can act as its official partners.

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