Evgeniy Petrik, UPAPICI Head of Board, director and founder of the Company EMCON

Until the year 2005 Evgeniy worked in the area of information technologies. In May, 2005 he headed the state ‘Stock Market Infrastructure Development Agency of Ukraine’ (SMIDA). For a short time Evgeniy managed to put the information portal http://smida.gov.ua/ to the leading positions among the similar information resources in Ukraine. In the year 2007 under the management of Evegeniy Petrik, with close cooperation of Securities and Stock Market State Commission a public database of SSMSC on securities market (http://www.stockmarket.gov.ua) has been launched which is successfully functioning for already many years and is main source of corporate information on the emitters of securities in Ukraine. In July, 2009 Evgeniy Petrik left SMIDA and incorporated the Company ‘Emcon’ specialized on consulting in the sphere of corporate governance and information disclosure. Since August, 2009 till June, 2010 Evgeniy Petrik has been non-staff adviser of SSMSC.

Education background. In 2000 Evgeniy completed MA course of the National Technical University of Ukraine (Kiev Polytechnical Institute) with specialization in applied mathematics, and he got the second university degree with specialization in industrial marketing in the same university.

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